SuperFlo® VS Variable Speed Pump - TradeGrade

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SuperFlo® VS Variable Speed Pump - TradeGrade


This pump is currently discontinued.
For the recommended replacement pump, please refer to the SuperFlo® VST Pool Pump

The Perfect Pump for Everyday Pools Requiring Up to a 1.5 Hp Pump 

The SuperFlo VS Variable Speed Pumps bring the remarkable energy cost savings of variable speed technology to standard pools at an affordable price. They reduce energy costs by up to 80%. SuperFlo VS Variable Speed Pumps have an easyto- read graphical display and a built-in timer so the pumps are easy to install and easy to use.

  • Variable speed technology costs significantly less to operate
  • Ideal for standard pools requiring up to 1.5 hp pump
  • 110/230V and 50/60 Hz capability
  • Real-time clock with 24-hour memory retention
  • Simple, intuitive user interface is easy to program and operate
  • Easy to access electrical connections for simple installation
  • Three operating speed settings plus override capability
  • SuperFlo pump by Pentair is a direct replacement for the Hayward® Super Pump® *
  • WEF 9.0 THP 2.2  (342001)
  • Available only in store from Pentair dealers or retail stores
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SuperFlo VS Pump

Product Components

  1. Built-in, real-time, 24-hour clock 
  2. Intuitive, easy-to-use interface 
  3. Display shows watt use and other key operational information
  4. Wiring compartment is easy to access


The ultra-quiet totally enclosed fan-cooled motor barely makes a whisper and virtually eliminates unpleasant, high-pitched noise.


Dimensional Drawings

SuperFlo VS Pump Dimension Drawings

Performance Curves


Energy Star Certified

The SuperFlo VS pump features some of the smartest pump technology available. This results in increased energy savings over conventional single- or two-speed pumps, up to 80%.*


Item #modelCarton Wt. (Lbs)Purchase Options
342001SuperFlo VS Variable Speed53Available Through Dealer
Item #modelCarton Wt. (Lbs)Purchase Options
342001SuperFlo VS Variable Speed53Available Through Dealer

Products beginning with EC- are exclusive to e-commerce sales. For warranty information please visit

*Hayward® and Super Pump® are registered trademarks of Hayward Industries, Inc.

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