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Fire Suppression

In-ceiling sprinkler

Fairbanks Nijhuis offers a full line of UL/FM fire pumps for commercial and industrial use. Whether a new building, small space, retrofit or foam/water mist application, Fairbanks Nijhuis provides an efficient, cost-effective solution.

Municipal & Infrastructure

Municipal Pump

Fairbanks Nijhuis provides vertical turbine, mixed flow and axial flow pumps for fresh water, as well as solids handling, submersible solids handling, vertical turbine solids handling and vortex pumps for sewage and wastewater removal. 


Industria plant at night

Learn how your industry can benefit from use of Fairbanks Nijhuis vertical turbine, propeller, split case, solids handling, submersible solids handling, vortex and fire pumps. 


Top of a building with HVAC

Choose from our large selection of boiler feed systems, vertical multistage, end suction, in-line or split case pumps. We can help you efficiently move the water and provide solutions for all your Commercial needs.

Engineered Products


Offering the industry's most complete set of solutions, products and services to municipal and industrial customers.