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IntelliCenter Download

Version 1.047

To update the firmware on your IntelliCenter, please follow the directions below:

Step 1

Click the download button above to download firmware version 1.047 to your computer. Copy the file name update-ocp-1-047.pfw to a USB flash drive on your computer.

Note: You will need a USB flash drive with at least 20MB of space.

Step 2

To check your current IntelliCenter firmware version: Go to your IntelliCenter, and from the Home screen, tap Settings > Advanced System Configuration > System > Firmware.

If your IntelliCenter firmware is NOT version 1.047, continue following the instructions below.

Step 3

Insert the USB flash drive with the firmware v.1.047 into the USB port on the IntelliCenter Outdoor Control Panel.

Step 4

A USB icon should appear next to the Pentair logo, on the top row of the IntelliCenter screen, indicating that your USB flash drive is recognized.


Step 5

From the Home screen, go to Settings > Advanced System Configuration > System > Firmware Update


Step 6

Choose Update from USB and select the update file you copied on the memory stick.


Step 7

Once the process is complete, the system will prompt you to remove the USB flash drive from the IntelliCenter USB port.

Step 8

Verify the firmware update: From the Home screen, tap Settings > Advanced System Configuration > System > Firmware.

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