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If your pool is closed, update your IntelliCenter system when you open your pool.

IntelliCenter Download

Version 1.047

Version 1.064

To update the firmware on your IntelliCenter, please follow the directions below:

Firmware 1.064 Instructions

You cannot update your system to firmware 1.064 unless your current version is 1.047.

Check your IntelliCenter app or control panel for the "New Update Available" notification.

Select Yes if your current firmware version is 1.047. The screen will change from Installing Firmware to System Rebooting to Complete Installation.

new update available screen
installing firmware
system rebooting to complete installation

Once this update is complete, download the new app.

Note: If there isn’t a message in the IntelliCenter app or at the control panel, please contact Technical Support, and they will walk you through the steps to update your system to firmware 1.064.

(OPTIONAL) Manual Firmware Update (USB):

If you prefer manual installation, you can download the 1.064 file to a USB device and install it onto your panel.

If you choose this installation method, follow the 1.047 instruction process below.

If you receive a notification to update your system to 1.064, but your current firmware version is not 1.047, you will need to manually update your system to 1.047 before receiving the 1.064 notification.

Update to the IntelliCenter2 App

Once your system firmware is 1.064, uninstall the IntelliCenter app from your smart device and install the IntelliCenter2 app.

Log into the IntelliCenter2 app with your IntelliCenter credentials.

To continue receiving IntelliCenter updates, be sure to update your user profile with your first name, last name, and email address.


intellicenter app icon

Check My Firmware

From the Home screen, select Settings > Advanced System Configuration > System > Firmware Update

If your IntelliCenter firmware is NOT version 1.047, please follow the firmware 1.047 instructions. THEN, you can update to Version 1.064.

arrow down, bottom right corner of screen
system menu item, bottom of screen
bottom menu item, firmware update

Firmware 1.047 Instructions

Please follow the USB directions below to update your IntelliCenter manually.

Click the download button above to download firmware version 1.047 to your computer. Copy the file name update-ocp-1-047.pfw (1-064.pfw if you are manually installing firmware 1.064) to a USB flash drive on your computer.

Note: You will need a USB flash drive with at least 20MB of space.

Insert the USB flash drive with the firmware v.1.047 into the USB port on the IntelliCenter Control Panel.

IntelliCenter control panel highlight the USB port

A USB icon should appear next to the Pentair logo, on the top row of the IntelliCenter screen, indicating that your USB flash drive is recognized.


From the Home screen, go to Settings > Advanced System Configuration > System > Firmware Update

Advanced system configuration for IntelliCenter
IntelliCenter advanced system configuration screen
IntelliCenter firmware update selected on screen

Step 6

Choose Update from USB and select the update file you copied on the USB flash drive.

Update from USB screen on IntelliCenter

Step 7

Choose update from firmware file Update_OCP_v1.047

The file will begin copying and detecting the file. Then follow and watch these screens to begin the download process.

Update ocp v.047 pfw selection screen
Copying file from USB to IntelliCenter
IntelliCenter detecting USB device please wait screen

Step 8

Once the file has been detected, click Ok to begin the firmware installation. Allow for the firmware file to configure with your IntelliCenter.

Download firmware IntelliCenter screen
Loading firmware screen with Pentair logo

Step 9

Click Ok once you reach the release notes screens. Next, when the screen prompts you, remove your USB flash drive.

IntelliCenter 1.047 screen
Processing screen to remove usb from IntelliCenter

Verify Your IntelliCenter Firmware Update

Verify the firmware update: From the Home screen, tap Settings > Advanced System Configuration > System > Firmware.

Once your firmware is 1.047, you can wait 48 hours for the 1.064 notification or repeat the 1.047 install process with the 1.064 file.

Advanced system configuration for IntelliCenter
IntelliCenter advanced system configuration screen
IntelliCenter firmware update selected on screen
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