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Choose The Right Pool Pump For Your Pool

To keep your pool water clean and clear means choosing the right pool pump for your backyard oasis. Below, you will find information about the different categories of pool pumps and questions you should ask your pool professional before purchasing your pool pump.


According to ENERGY STAR®, your pool pump could be your home's second-largest energy user, costing you as much as $720 in energy every year*. With new Department of Energy (DOE) Pool Pump regulations in place, you can find a Pentair pool pump with substantial energy savings and top-performing benefits for your pool.


If you are looking to control your pool pump manually, single-speed pool pumps could be the choice for you. However, single-speed pool pumps are less energy-efficient and more costly because they only have two settings, on and off.

When a single-speed pool pump is off, pool water can become stagnant and impact the sanitation effectiveness of the pool's water. Alternatively, keeping a single-speed pool pump on for long periods can lead to high monthly energy costs and excess wear and tear on equipment.

Having only two options can present unwanted issues to your pool like:

  • Poor water quality,
  • Frequent filter cleanings,
  • Shorter pump life, or
  • The need to add more chemicals to your pool.


Money matters, and finding a pool pump that is cost-effective, high-quality, and top-performing can be challenging to obtain. Coincidentally, you can experience these benefits with VS pool pumps.

Choosing a VS pool pump could save you up to 90% on energy costs compared to conventional single- or- two-speed pool pumps.** Variable speed pumps consume less energy and pay for themselves over time; typically, in two years or less.

VS pool pumps' technology is far superior to single-speed pool pumps because you can choose the speed and flow of your pool water. For example, you can set your pool pump at a low speed to save energy and maintain excellent performance, or you can speed it up to clean your pool or increase circulation.

In addition, VS pool pumps give you:

  • A quieter pool experience
  • Cleaner, clearer water by continually circulating the water through your pool.
  • Improved product performance since your pool pump no longer has to run at top speed.
  • Enhanced connectivity capabilities to connect your pool automation system and the Pentair Home app.


In addition to the benefits of variable speed technology, Pentair pool pumps have proprietary sensorless flow control. Giving you a more effortless pool experience. This technology allows the pool pump to auto-adjust its speed to maintain consistent flow as the pool system changes.

What does auto-regulated flow mean?

Your pool filter removes debris and bacteria from re-entering your pool. As your filter accumulates or "loads" the debris from the pool pump, the passage for water flow through your filter becomes smaller, increasing resistance, which results in slower water circulation, which can influence pool performance. With Pentair VSF technology, the pool pump automatically senses the growing resistance and adjusts the pool pump speed to maintain the performance of the rest of your pool equipment, such as heaters and water features.

A great way to think of VSF pool pumps is like a thermostat in your home, with which you can easily manage and maintain your home's temperature without worrying about when to turn on and off your heating and cooling systems. In this case, you can control your pool water flow without having to worry about the speed of your pool pump and how your pool system is performing.

Now you know the categories of pool pumps available to you. Pentair has provided some questions you should ask your pool professional to help you make your next pool pump decision easier.


As you begin to determine the right pool pump for your pool, consider the following questions and collaborate with a pool professional, double-check the benefits of the pool pump you want installed in your pool pad:

What is the right pool pump for my pool?

Determine what is most important, maybe it's saving energy and money or reducing noise and staying connected to your pool equipment from your smart device. Choose the pool pump that meets your lifestyle as a pool owner.

Is there a pool pump that supports my extra features?

If you have extra bells and whistles on your pool, upgrading your pool pump with VSF technology can improve your water flow and provide a better look and feel for your pool.

How can I estimate the savings?

Pentair has a Pool Pump Savings Calculator, so you can explore the potential savings you can make by updating your pool pump.

It's time for you to consider VS and VSF pool pumps and the benefits of adding sensorless flow control technology. Not only will a VS or VSF pump meet the regulations, but it can also save you money and headache in the long run. You deserve an effortless home pool experience, and Pentair can help you create the backyard oasis you deserve.


Use the Find a Dealer tool to find a pool professional in your area who can help you select the right pool pump and make your dream pool a reality.

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