Aboveground Pool Pumps

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As a leader in the pool industry, you can rely on Pentair for a variety of aboveground pool pumps. Designed to meet the specific needs of aboveground pools, these pumps are efficient and dependable. By focusing on reliability, efficiency and performance, Pentair’s aboveground pool pumps are quiet, need less power and are built to last.

Choosing the right aboveground pool water pump will depend on many factors, including your pool's volume and the size of your filtration system. Both the OptiFlo® and Dynamo® Aboveground Pool Pumps are available in a range of sizes, so it's easy to find the pump that will meet the needs of your pool. Each of Pentair's aboveground pool pumps has a see-through strainer basket lid, external threads on the discharge port and easy-to-access drain plugs.

Please note that there are specific limitations on the sale or installation of new single-speed replacement pumps and motors in some states, including California. Check your state's laws to determine if a 2-speed above ground pool pump is allowed in your location.


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