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Pentair Aurora 100 Years 1919-2019 | A Century of Innovation for Constant Peace of Mind

Fire Suppression

In-ceiling sprinkler

A leader in global fire suppression, Aurora offers a full line of UL/FM fire pumps for commercial and industrial use. Whether a new building, small space, retrofit or foam/water mist application, Aurora provides an efficient, cost-effective solution.

HVAC & Water Supply

Top of a building with HVAC

Whether you need a pump for recirculating water within an HVAC loop, boosting water pressure for sinks, showers and landscaping, dewatering of construction sites or for delivery of water for golf courses, water parks, and fountains, Aurora regularly satisfies.

Municipal & Infrastructure

Municipal water storage

Aurora offers high pressure membrane feed pumps for reverse osmosis applications to produce and move potable water to support population and demand.