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As a leading water treatment company, Pentair is focused on delivering smart, sustainable water solutions. Doing well by doing good has been a long-standing tradition at Pentair, as reflected in our Win Right Values. As a global, responsible corporate citizen we are committed to lead in the communities where we live and work. Since 1998, Pentair and the Pentair Foundation have donated more than $66 million to philanthropic causes strengthening the communities in which we operate as well as providing safe, clean water to nearly three million people every day in the developing world.

Pentair and the Pentair Foundation operate independent grantmaking programs.  Together, these programs engage in grantmaking that is focused on the following areas:

WATER: Pentair collaborates with its partners, combining its technology, talent and scientific research to provide sustainable access to safe water, and also supports sustainability initiatives around water conservation and reuse efforts.

  • Pentair and the Pentair Foundation consider funding grant proposals that include, but are not limited to:
    • Programs with goals to develop or research sustainable uses for water including water reuse and water reduction; and
    • Opportunities to serve a population that lacks access to clean, safe water with programming that follows Pentair’s approach to provide sustainable solutions.

EDUCATION: Pentair supports educational programming.

  • Pentair and the Pentair Foundation consider funding grant proposals that include, but are not limited to:
    • STEM education as it relates to water engineering or STEM education in the communities where Pentair has operations;
    • Increased access to educational opportunities for underserved communities in developing countries, especially for women and girls; and
    • Other water education initiatives such as water safety education (swimming) for underserved populations.

COMMUNITY: Pentair works to strengthen communities where it operates by offering grants or sponsorships and creating opportunities for service and volunteerism by Pentair employees.

  • Pentair and the Pentair Foundation considers grant proposals that meet the following criteria:
    • Address a demonstrated need in the community;
    • Support or create employee engagement opportunities in Pentair communities; and
    • Drive awareness of Pentair or the Pentair Foundation

Pentair and the Pentair Foundation have moved to an invitation only grant cycle. If you have an initiative you would like Pentair to consider, please contact

Pentair and Pentair Foundation are each engaged in grantmaking and philanthropic efforts that align with the charitable and educational objectives described above.    While Pentair’s and Pentair Foundation’s charitable goals are consistent, their grantmaking programs are administered separately and are subject to different standards.   All grants and activities conducted by Pentair Foundation are carefully structured to ensure they directly further its tax-exempt purposes and are consistent with the limitations on its activities as a tax-exempt private foundation.


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