3 Pool Safety Tips to Follow in Winter

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Pool safety doesn’t have a season, so if you’re having guests or hosting the holiday poolside, here are 3 ways to help you and your guests stay safe around your pool this winter:

adirondack chairs by heated pool in winter

1. Install a safety cover

Safety covers are the way to go for staying safe around your pool in the winter. Unlike traditional tarp covers held down by water bags or blocks, safety covers are held in place with straps and springs that are attached to anchor bolts in your pool deck. Safety covers won’t sink down if weight is applied to the surface because they are designed to withstand the weight of heavy objects like pets, people and even cars (although we don’t recommend that)! Using a safety cover on your pool can help prevent accidental submersion and drowning.

Additionally, they’re one of your best defenses against debris and algae growth and add a finished look to any closed pool.

2. Utilize your pool’s safety features

Pool signs, alarms and fencing are all safety features that most pools have. You hear a lot about them during the summer, but they’re also great winter safety features too!

Make sure your pool fence is shut and if not hosting poolside, locking it is another great way to keep guests out of your pool area. Using appropriate pool signage is a great way to remind guests they’re near a pool and to be careful around it. Finally, utilizing the pool alarm to detect any movement in the water or open doors to the pool area (depending on the type of alarm you have) will help keep guests and animals from having an accident in your pool.

3. Light it up

Last, but not least, it’s important to make sure your pool deck has adequate lighting so guests can see where they’re going. Lanterns, landscape lights or candles are all great ways to light the path to the party as well as the perimeter of the pool. Do not string lights over your pool because that can be extremely dangerous. However, adding string lights to fencing, bushes or trees around your pool deck can add delicate ambiance and help set a festive, holiday spirit.

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