Better Brewing with Pentair BrewAssist

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Roland Folz
Roland Folz currently serves as Vice President, Pentair Food & Beverage


Better Brewing with Pentair BrewAssist

brewassist-screen on iPad

Pentair’s commitment to smart, sustainable solutions is bringing the world of data-driven decision making to the brewery business. Armed with decades of beer filtration process knowledge, we are putting that knowledge to use with Pentair BrewAssist.

BrewAssist functions as a “virtual assistant,” helping brewers optimize the process of beer membrane filtration (BMF). BMF helps brewers to produce a clearer beverage as well as to work more sustainably, consume less energy and create less waste. BrewAssist allows brewers to take data provided in the brewing process and turn them into insights. More data and better structured data helps brewers make better decisions.

This innovation makes it possible to share knowledge between users or between multiple locations. Brewers can receive push notifications if performance decreases and the brewing process can be monitored from a mobile app or a web application.

All of this is leading toward the next evolution in this process: a self-adapting beer membrane filtration process, automating these various decisions. That means that your beer, whether it’s a hopped-up IPA, stout or lager or anywhere in between, could be constantly optimized to make sure its “digital DNA” remains consistent and helping brewery managers rest easy.

Watch the video to learn more.

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