Maintaining Safety Around Inground Swimming Pools

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Pool accidents can happen to anyone, but so many can be prevented with the appropriate safety measures. As part of National Water Safety Month, we are sharing ways to keep your family safe in and around inground pools. Safety doesn’t happen by accident; it requires planning, action and vigilance. So be sure to review these pool safety tips with the whole family!

mother and daughter in pool


Here are 7 pool safety tips to keep your family safe around inground swimming pools:

  1. Make sure your pool is hard to access, especially for children, when it’s not being used. Install motion sensors and alarms on doors and windows that lead out to the pool area.
  2. Your pool should be surrounded by a well-maintained fence. Make sure that your fence has a self-closing and self-latching gate.
  3. There is no substitute for adult supervision. Never leave a child unattended when they are in or near water.
  4. Share detailed safety instructions with family, friends and neighbors who may use your pool with or without your permission.
  5. Teach your children basic pool safety tips and make sure they have age-appropriate swimming lessons.
  6. Keep children away from pool drains, pipes and other openings.
  7. Learn CPR and first aid. Always have a phone handy with emergency numbers poolside. You may never have an emergency and need these items, but you should be prepared.

Pentair takes pool safety seriously. That’s why we’re a proud sponsor of the 2019 National Water Safety Month. Get more ideas on how to promote water safety 

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