Pool 101: Pool Water Chemistry

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The key to creating a safe and fun pool environment is maintaining proper water chemistry. When your water chemistry isn’t properly balanced, it can cause skin and eye irritation and allow dangerous bacteria and/or algae growth. There are three main chemical levels you should regularly monitor. They are pH, alkalinity and chlorine.

About pH, Alkalinity and Chlorine

pH is a unit of measure that is used to describe the level of acidity in the water. If your pool’s pH is lower than 7, it is considered acidic. If it is greater than pH 7, it is considered basic. As a pool owner, you should focus on keeping your pool water in the neutral range (not acidic or basic), with an ideal pH of about 7.4.

Alkalinity goes hand-in-hand with pH. It is the measurement of the alkaline substances present in your pool. If your pool’s alkalinity is too basic or has a high pH, it will inhibit pH changes.

Chlorine is the most common pool chemical. It is used to destroy both bacteria and solid waste such as dirt particles in the water. Chlorine is dispensed through specialized chlorinators that help clean the water and give your pool its crystalline appearance.

Foreign elements change the chemical levels of your pool, starting a chain reaction and encouraging the growth of algae and bacteria. These foreign elements include: leaves; miscellaneous debris; rainfall; UV light; temperature; usage frequency; calcium hardness; algae; and other biological factors.


We're Here To Help

If you’re now wondering how you’re supposed to keep your water chemistry constantly monitored, don’t worry, we have it covered! As your partner in smart, sustainable water solutions. For life. We offer different systems to help you take control of your pool. The IntelliConnect™ Control and Monitoring System is a great automation addition to any pool. The IntelliConnect allows you to control and monitor up to five pool devices including an IntelliChlor® or iChlor® Salt Chlorine Generator. If you already have automation, adding the ScreenLogic2® Interface can help you monitor your pool’s water chemistry all from your mobile device.


Don’t hesitate to reach out to your local pool professional if you have questions regarding your pool’s water chemistry. They can also help you determine which Pentair automation system is right for your pool. Need a local pool professional? Visit our dealer locator and find a pool professional near you today!

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