Swim Your Way To Reaching Your Goals in 2020

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According to Parade, the most popular New Year’s resolutions include, losing weight, exercising more and managing stress better. If these resolutions sound like yours for 2020, you can start by swimming. By giving you both cardio and strength training—and much more—swimming lets you achieve a broad range of goals all at once, regardless of your fitness level. Please don’t forget to consult your physician before beginning an exercise regimen.

See how you can swim towards your goals in 2020:

woman diving into the pool

Losing Weight

Losing weight is typically at the beginning of everyone’s New Year’s resolutions and often one of the top broken resolutions. But with swimming, you can burn calories quickly and reap additional major health benefits for your whole body. For example, a 160-pound person can burn 423 calories per hour with moderate or gentle swimming, or up to 715 calories in an hour of vigorous swimming.

Exercising More

Swimming helps you tone muscle groups throughout your body rather than focusing on a specific area, meaning you can work out up to 48 muscles at once! Make sure to switch up your strokes to work the different muscle groups.

You can do more than swimming to exercise more in the pool. By doing stretching exercises or aqua yoga, you can gently work to improve your flexibility. After a warmup, you can start targeting the muscles you need to stretch. Have a heated pool? That especially encourages flexibility by helping your muscles to relax!

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Improving Your Overall Health

Swimming gives you an excellent cardio workout, letting you increase your heart rate without putting stress on other parts of your body. Swimming can also lower your blood pressure and lowers mortality risk by half. Additionally, swimming can help you build endurance and increase your lung capacity. By strengthening your heart and lungs, it allows your body to circulate oxygen more efficiently, so you can do more for longer.

On top of improving your overall health, did you know that swimming regularly has been linked to an improved state of mind? Swimming is a relaxing exercise that can lower your stress levels and improve your mood as well as the quality of your sleep. Making time for a great swim can help you experience many of the same benefits as meditation!

So dive into your New Year’s resolutions and swim your way to reaching your goals in 2020!

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