Winter Pool Maintenance Quick Guide for Open and Closed Pools

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outdoor pool in winter

Winter is in full swing and while it might be cold outside, it’s still important to maintain your pool, especially if it’s open. Use this quick guide to help you through proper winter maintenance for your pool – open or closed.

If your pool is still open, follow these 3 tips to keep your pool clean and ready for spring:

1. Remove debris from your pool

During the winter months, it’s not uncommon for debris such as dirt, leaves and sticks to fall into your pool and can accumulate. Take the time to regularly clean your pool by removing large debris and running your automatic pool cleaner to remove the smaller debris. You’ll also want to make sure your deck is also free and clear of any fallen limbs, snow or ice.

2. Check pool components

Freezing temperatures can quickly become. Pipes can freeze and burst and components can malfunction. Check your pool equipment on a regular basis to ensure that no damage occurred and that everything is in working order. Remember to run your pump whenever there are freezing temperatures for 24 hours to keep your pipes from freezing.

3. Maintain proper water chemistry

While harmful bacteria and algae don’t grow nearly as quickly in cold temperatures as they do in warm ones, so while you do have less to worry about you’re not completely off the hook. Natural precipitation and the resulting runoff can also cause problems with the balance in your pool water. In addition, it doesn’t only cause a change in water chemistry but can additionally lead to corrosion, scaling and the build-up of algae. Even in cooler months, it’s important to maintain proper water chemistry!

If your pool is closed, follow these 2 tips to keep your pool ready for spring:

1. Remove debris from your deck

During the winter months, snow, ice, leaves and limbs can build up around your pool, especially during winter storms. Make sure to clear around your pool after each storm, removing leaves and limbs and shoveling snow and ice away from your pool.

2. Clean off your pool cover

If your deck is covered in snow, it’s likely that your pool cover is too. According to FEMA, 1 foot of fresh snow ranges from 3 pounds per square foot for light, dry snow to 21 pounds per square foot for wet, heavy snow. While ice weighs significantly more – 1 foot of ice weighs approximately 57 pounds per square foot. Take care of your pool cover and carefully remove the snow and ice. Learn more on how to do so here.

Both of these steps will help you keep your pool’s water as balanced as possible while still covered.

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