Winter Swimming Pool Tips

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If you plan to have your pool open throughout the winter, here are our favorite tips on keeping your pool ready to enjoy at any time:

snowmen in pool during winter

Tip 1: Maintain the Water Quality

Balancing the pH of your water is a year-round chore, regardless of how much you use your pool. Even if you’re not planning on taking a winter dip, caring for your pool water now will reduce the time and expense of getting your pool ready in the spring.

Take a pool water sample to your local professional on a regular basis to find out if your pool water is at the ideal pH. If it’s not, they can recommend the proper chemicals to help you avoid the guesswork.

Tip 2: Regularly Check Equipment

Your pool equipment doesn’t just take care of itself. Here are a few things you should do during the winter months to make sure your equipment is well maintained:

  • Test your pool heater to ensure it’s in good working condition.
  • Clean your filter and keep your skimmer free of debris.
  • Make sure to run your pump during freezing temperatures to keep the system from freezing.

Tip 3: Use Warm Swimming Gear

Even with a heated swimming pool, you need to keep your body as warm as possible when swimming during the winter. Instead of showing off your winter cannonball dive, enter the water slowly, to avoid a temperature shock. While swimming, wear a swimming cap to prevent heat from escaping from your head and wear a wetsuit on colder days. Keep your towel nearby so when you’re done, you can wrap up and go inside as quickly as possible to warm up.

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