Your Pool Pump: The Heart of Your Pool

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When you think about your pool, chances are images of fun in the sun and relaxation with family and friends quickly come to mind. But have you given any recent consideration to your pool pump? Your pool pump is a crucial piece of equipment, very much like your own heart. So when was the last time your pump received a little TLC?

Many people refer to the pool pump as the heart of the pool. It’s easy to understand why. Your pool’s pump functions in a similar capacity to that of your own heart. Much like your heart is responsible for pumping oxygen and blood throughout your entire body, your pool pump’s job is to circulate water from your pool through your filter, heater and chemical systems. This essential process keeps your pool clean and safe, maintaining the right chemical balance.

Regardless of which type of pool pump you have, taking care of it is essential—just like it’s essential to take care of your own heart. When you’re proactive with your health, you ensure everything is in good working order, prevent large problems before they arise, or nip them in the bud while they’re still small. 

The same applies to your pool pump. Don’t let pool pump maintenance fall to the wayside. Stay ahead of the game and schedule regular maintenance checks to keep yourself on track – like when opening and closing your pool.

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So give the heart of your pool some love today and dive into your amazing pool!

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