HVAC Pump Information Guide

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Large buildings - be they commercial, industrial, or municipal - have their own specific challenges when it comes to heating, ventilation, and air conditioning. Bringing in an HVAC pump expert like Pentair during the pre-planning phase can help you identify the best solution to your environmental control needs. Our experienced professionals work with consulting and specifying engineers to understand your capacity needs and help you to determine the HVAC pump size that best suits your building requirements.

Choosing the ideal HVAC pump for your commercial or industrial building needs depends on a number of factors including HVAC loads, flow rate, and pressure loss. An under-sized unit may not be able to maintain the desired building temperature efficiently. An over-sized unit needs more power to run and may be less effective in its performance. And part of having the right unit for the job is ensuring that you have the best pump to allow your system to perform at its peak efficiency.

At Pentair, we manufacture pumps for nearly any heating and cooling system, including a range of the following pump types:

The Encompass data selection tool is also available online to help you configure your pump and choose the best option for your needs.

Let our experienced team assist you, no matter what type or size of building in your plan. Pentair Fairbanks Nijhuis Commercial HVAC pumps are known for their efficiency and trusted design and will give you reliable internal environmental control. You can also rely on Pentair Aurora HVAC pumps to deliver quality design and manufacturing, while setting new standards in efficiency.

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