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SKU#: FC-3D100-05

Pentair Hypro 3D nozzles outperform a flat-fan nozzle by 10 percent for pre-emergence blackgrass control in Syngenta field trials.*

  • Outperforms flat-fan in pre emerge weed control at multiple boom heights.
  • Delivers improved efficiency and reduced water volume without compromising weed control.
  • 60-75% drift reduction compared to flat-fan nozzles, achieving 2 Star LERAP rating at specific nozzle size/ pressure combinations.
  • Increased spray deposition from an alternating inclined spray by 8 percent on a one-leaf artificial target versus a flat-fan spraying straight down (internal Hypro wind tunnel trials).
  • Engineered to create consistent droplet sizes to hit the target, rather than the flat-fan nozzle's droplets which can cause off-target trespass.
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*Proven to deliver up to a 10% increase in pre-emerge weed control compared to a conventional flat fan (Syngenta UK Trials - 0.6 l/ha Liberator (diflufenican+ flufenacet) + 4 l/ha Defy (Prosulfacarb) applied November 2015)