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EV9278-91 Pentair Everpure QC7I Dio Dual Inlet/Dual Oulet Manifold

SKU#: EV9278-91

The QC7I DIO Dual Inlet Dual Outlet Manifold offers customers the flexibility to configure a solution to their specific needs. It is ideal for operations that have at least two water-using applications where each requires a distinct water recipe.

  • Provides an easy means of customizing the filtration to the customer's specific water quality requirements
  • Retains NSF certification for Standard 42 and/or Standard 53 in many configurations
  • Offers a complete quick-change system
  • Can easily be reconfigured if water usage requirements increase or, for example, a municipality changes from chlorine to chloramines for disinfection (the chlorine-reducing filters can be converted to the Everpure 7CLM cartridge for chloramines reduction)
  • Can be configured as a twin system with a plug in the third head allowing for future expansion should water requirements increase
  • The manifold's first outlet is from three (3) filter cartridges in parallel, the second outlet is from two (2) cartridges in parallel
  • Easy to install and maintain
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