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Water Supply

Kids running through sprinklers

Simer® pumps keep yards looking healthy, by providing sprinkler pumps or larger irrigation pumps, as well as smaller water transfer pumps that pump up from a groundwater well.

Water Supply

Washing Dishes

Simer pumps assist with a variery of frustrating issues homeowners may experience, from appliances with weak water pressure to dry lawns.

Water Supply

Bathroom with shower and tub

Simer offers a variety of tanks to keep your water available for when you need it and flowing at the pressure you demand.

Water Supply/Disposal

Lawn Water Features

Simer utility pumps, submersible or non-submersible, are usually non-automatic and portable. They are used for water removal or everyday applications around the home.

Water Disposal

Dry Basement

Simer sump pumps protect your home from flooding and unwanted water.  They are available in a variety of construction, from corrosion- resistant thermoplastic, heavy-duty stainless steel and durable cast iron.

Water Disposal

Mom and Potty Training Toddler

Simer sewage pumps are designed for long-lasting, quiet operation.  Perfect for septic systems, sewage pits and many other disposal applications.  

Water Disposal

Laundry Room

Simer effluent  pumps are durably built for long-lasting operation in septic systems or other disposal applications.


Professional and homeowner shaking hands

Parts2O accessories are handcrafted specifically to work alongside Simer pumps to get the job done. These accessories consist of items such as check valves, drill hose kits and switches.


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