Why Have a Staycation & What You Need for Yours!

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Everyone needs a staycation once in a while. The options are endless for getting the most out of your summer staycation. Start planning now and you’re sure to have the ultimate summer staycation soon!


Besides avoiding the stresses that can accompany travel plans, there are many reasons for opting for a staycation instead of a vacation, especially if you want to maximize your efficiency in these three areas:

  • Time: You have seven vacation days and you’re not interested in using two of them for travel time. Solution = staycation!
  • Cost: Your budget is a bit tight this year. According to the American Automobile Association's annual summer study, “The average North American vacation will cost $244 per day for two people for lodging and meals.” Now just think how much a vacation would cost with kids and airfare and you’re really adding up the dollars. Hello, staycation! 
  • Fun: With proper planning and a bit of creative thinking, you can have a fun and not boring staycation. Plus, you don’t even have to pack or do a ton of extra laundry! 



Planning your staycation

The key to planning a successful staycation is to stray from your regular routine so that you can enjoy the feelings of rejuvenation and relaxation. So if you’re feeling inspired to plan your next staycation, here are a few tips to help:

  • Update your yard and pool: Simple updates to your yard, poolscape and/or pool will make you feel like you’ve transported yourself into a whole new place. From adding gardens and decks to upgrading to a full outdoor kitchen – your budget is the limit. And while we’re updating the deck, give your pool a little love too! Lighting is an effective way to incorporate some dramatic scenery into your backyard. You can even install smart technology to control your pool’s accessories from your smartphone.
  • Update your seating: Making sure you have the perfect location to relax is key for a staycation. Hammocks, lounge chairs and meditation areas are all great ideas. Make sure to pick something you’ll love and you’ll feel relaxed on!
  • Entertain the kids: Day camps are great activities for your kids to enjoy while you relax during the day. Pick them up in the evenings to head back to your staycation paradise – cooking dinner poolside and relaxing while they play. Make sure to have plenty of fun pool toys and games for kids to enjoy and always follow pool safety rules!