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Oil and Gas Separation Technology and Equipment Solutions

Pentair provides the technology to provide high performance
separations of solids, liquids and gases. Our rental program availability offers
immediate solutions to process upsets and capex limitations.

Polarex: Extractive Separation Technology 

The Polarex technology represents a compact, modular approach to the separation of dissolved contaminants for gas processors, chemical manufacturers, and refineries.

  • Compact and modular
  • High efficiency contact, extraction, and separation
  • Superior separation of entrained polar contaminants, far exceeding the performance achieved with conventional water wash and/or solvent scrubbing towers
  • Minimized footprint compared to conventional solutions
  • Maximized removal of the most challenging contaminants, such as: methanol, caustic, acids, H2S, CO2, salts, reaction by products and more
  • May reduce capital cost by 80%

Ultisep: Liquid aerosol removal from gas streams

Ultisep technology addresses inherent deficiencies of the conventional gas-liquid separators, making it possible to effectively remove liquid aerosols from gas streams.

  • Inside-Outside flow that reduces gas velocity as droplets are being removed
  • Patented technology to keep constant annular velocity to prevent re-entrainment
  • 99.99% Removal Efficiency
  • Design allows for optimal spacing, enabling lower capital costs

Processor: Liquid Particle Separation 

Pentair Processor technology provides a superior separation system for the removal of particles from various liquid feeds.

  • Coreless Elements for drastically reduced disposal costs, minimized waste and labor savings
  • Easy installation
  • Available for repurposing existing separator vessels to increase throughput, reduce operator intervention and minimize OPEX
  • 99.98% Removal of solid contaminants with micron ratings ranging from 0.25um to greater than 300um
  • Media options available with increased dirty holding capacity through enhanced porosity and extended surface area

Pentair Rental Equipment

Pentair Rental Program is specifically designed to address immediate processing issues and throughput constraints.

  • Immediately available skidded and stand-alone systems
  • No Capital Cost
  • Quick Turnaround
  • Minimized installation requirements
  • Spill protection units
  • ANSI 150#, 300# and 600# class systems available to treat the most complex situation

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