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Pentair Pentek Solar Drives

for pump motor control

Pentair Pentek Solar Drives are designed to keep solar-powered pump application simple. Through compatibility with standard, readily available alternating current (AC) motors and standard photovoltaic (PV) panels, these solar-powered variable speed drives provide efficiency in both installation and maintenance costs to enable reliable pumping with motor control.

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Support your off-grid pumping applications with a solar-power solution designed for ease of use and system flexibility.

Wind vs. Solar Power: Renewable Energy Comparison


Wind Power

  • Less predictable performance than solar
  • Turbines have a lot of moving parts and require more maintenance

Solar Power

  • More consistently available than wind
  • More flexibility in installation (panels vs turbines)

Install with Confidence

Pentair’s craftsmanship and brand legacy paired with our impeccable support services enable confidence to purchase new technology to meet your customers’ growing demands and challenges.


tested for performance in the USA

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Use the sun's energy to power your day-to-day pump operations, or blend between solar and grid energy when needed.