Fish-Friendly Pumps Protect Aquatic Life

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Rebecca Osborn
Rebecca Osborn currently leads external communications at Pentair


Fish-Friendly Pumps Protect Aquatic Life

For nearly 80 years, fish could not safely swim through the Keadby pumping station outside of Scunthorpe, England. But now, thanks to Pentair Fairbanks Nijhuis fish-friendly pumps, they can!

Pentair developed the patented fish-friendly pump technology in response to the adverse effects of conventional pumps in pumping stations on the fish stock. The impeller and guide vanes feature a special design that creates favorable water flow allowing the fish to pass through the pump safely.* In addition, all edges are rounded and the space between the impeller blades is much wider, which substantially reduces the impact risk, with minor effects on the efficiency.

With Pentair’s fish-friendly pumps in place, fish migration is now possible. Watch the video to see the pumping station in action. To learn more about our fish-friendly pumps, click here.

*The Pentair Fairbanks Nijhuis patented fish-friendly pump allows 100 percent of eels and at least 97 percent of fish to get through a pumping station unscathed.

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