Imagine a Day Without Water

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Karla Robertson
Karla Robertson serves as Executive Vice President, General Counsel, Secretary, and Chief Social Responsibility Officer


Imagine a Day Without Water

We are proud to participate in the Value of Water's national education campaign to “Imagine a Day Without Water,” celebrated today, October 20, to highlight water’s essential role in our daily lives, our communities and the economy.  At Pentair, we believe that making life better for people and our planet is essential and we are working to help the world sustainably move, improve and enjoy water in our homes, businesses, and communities.

  Pentair pump technology being installed in New Orleans
Sustainably Moving Water

Reliable water systems and safety plans are critical for safeguarding communities. We provide important solutions that help move water where and when you need it – whether it’s keeping your basement dry with our residential sump pumps or our highly engineered flood control solutions that help protect cities during times of inclement weather. And, as water resources become increasingly scarce, they may need to be transported longer distances from source to end-user. Our energy-efficient pumping solutions help reduce costs while improving the efficiency of transporting water from source to treatment facility, and ultimately, to the end user.

Sustainably Improving Water

Water, in all its forms, is a key ingredient for any restaurant and hospitality establishment, whether it’s serving pure, refreshing water and ice on its own, brewing a great cup of coffee or making the perfect pizza dough. Our Total Water Management program can help commercial operators save time and money by diagnosing problems, recommending a better water treatment system and providing ongoing support and maintenance – all to aid businesses in running more efficiently and help ensure they are serving the best food, beverages and ice to their customers.

In homes we provide residential water treatment and filtration solutions that are not only reliable, but also sustainable and energy efficient. Our filtration products reduce the resources required to enjoy quality drinking water, as well as the demand for single-use water bottles – in 2021 alone, our residential filtration systems provided drinking water filtration capacity to help customers avoid more than 8.9 billion single-use plastic water bottles.

Manitowoc Ice Hands Holding Glasses of Water Pentair commercial water solutions deliver crystal clear, refreshing, and expertly managed water and ice
Backyard pool library shoot for Pentair in Encino, Califorrnia. September 23, 2021. Tracy + David Stills and Motion Pentair technology helps pool owners more sustainably enjoy water

Sustainably Enjoying Water

Crystal clear pool and spa water invites a healthy, active lifestyle. Our pool and spa solutions helps a more sustainable enjoyment of water, by using less energy and fewer chemicals. For instance, since 2005, Pentair’s ENERGY STAR pool pumps have been responsible for a cumulative 32.6 billion kWh of energy savings, the reduction of 15.4 million tons of CO2 emissions and $3.6 billion in operative cost savings for U.S. consumers.*

Making a Positive Impact Around the World…

Globally, billions of people, most in developing nations, lack access to safe water and sanitation. Through Project Safewater, Pentair and the Pentair Foundation collaborate with a range of partners to combine technology, micro-enterprise business models, and scientific research to provide sustainable access to safer water. Our first Project Safewater initiative, launched in 2007 in Honduras, expanded cleaner water access for a 300,000-person community, reducing the incidence of water borne illness by 80 percent. And since 2007, we have implemented many more programs that now impact three million people every day in the developing world.

  Pentair is working to transform the way safe water is sustainably delivered to people in need
…and in Our Own Facilities

And finally, Pentair’s own role in water stewardship is core to our values as a purpose driven company. Water conservation is a priority throughout our operations, and we are targeting a 30 percent reduction in overall water withdrawal from a 2019 baseline by 2030.

To Imagine a Day Without Water is to not only imagine a world without daily conveniences, but also without life-sustaining resources or sanitation. By providing solutions that deliver reliable access to cleaner water while also promoting efficient and sustainable consumption, Pentair is committed to helping people, businesses and communities around the world make the most of life’s essential resource.

*Savings are based on a weighted average annual kWh savings from the Consortium for Energy Efficiency (CEE) at $0.11 / kWh. Individual Weighted Energy Factor (WEF) scores and savings may vary by model. For more information regarding the energy efficiency features of current Pentair pool pump offerings, including WEF scores, please visit

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