Imagine A Day Without Water

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John  Jacko
John Jacko currently serves as Executive Vice President and Chief Growth Officer of Pentair


Imagine a Day Without Water

From a morning shower at home or in a high-rise hotel, a freshly brewed cup of coffee at the office, swimming laps in a pool to eating fresh produce grown via sustainable irrigation, water is in every facet of our lives. And so it’s no surprise that a recent survey by the U.S. Water Alliance revealed that more than nine in 10 Americans say that having safe, reliable drinking water is “very important.”

To help raise awareness and educate Americans about the value of water, Pentair has joined forces with more than 900 organizations to “Imagine a Day Without Water” which takes place today, October 10, 2018.

By some estimates, global water demand could be 30 percent higher by 2050 than it is today, resulting in limited access to clean, safe drinking water, reliable food sources and sustainable energy reserves. And while many of us living in the United States may take reliable access to clean water for granted, we are facing challenges due to water availability and drought, pollution and aging infrastructure.

At Pentair, we believe the health of our world depends on reliable access to clean, safe water and we’re proud of our work helping people make the most of this essential resource. In fact, a large number of Pentair solutions help improve water quality and deliver clean, safe water to homes and business as well as purifying water for reuse in manufacturing and industrial applications. This includes delivering a variety of smart, sustainable water solutions for:

  • The Home – Energy-efficient water treatment, filtration products and water systems for better tasting water, softer skin and hair, cleaner laundry, and to keep your pool water clear and clean.
  • Businesses – Complete water treatment and movement solutions to provide businesses with clean, clear, expertly managed water, while minimizing energy use.
  • Industry – Tailored solutions for better water efficiency and wastewater solutions, including water and resource recovery and reuse.

By working to ensure that our solutions deliver reliable access to clean water while also promoting efficient and sustainable consumption, Pentair is committed to helping communities and businesses around the world manage and make the most of life’s essential resource. We invite you to learn more about Pentair’s smart, sustainable solutions at To read more about the Value of Water campaign and “Imagine a Day Without Water,” click here

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