Small Change. Big Impact.

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Rebecca Osborn
Rebecca Osborn currently leads external communications at Pentair


Small Change. Big Impact.

Pentair’s plant in Pisa, Italy has taken a small but important step to support the environment. The four diesel cars made available to employees for business trips were replaced with 100 percent electric, zero-emission vehicles.

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The cars are recharged at dedicated stations in the parking lot powered by photovoltaic panels on the plant’s roof. Since 2011, this rooftop solar system has provided all of the energy needed for production at the plant, and now will power the electric cars as well.

Impact on the Environment

  •  The diesel cars produced 109gr / km of carbon dioxide (CO2) the equivalent of 50 miles per gallon in the U.S.
  • The four cars travel over 300 miles per day, so with the new electric cars, Pentair can eliminate 56,68 kg, or approximately 125 lbs, of CO2 per day.
  • The result is an annual CO2 reduction1 of 13.600 kg, or 15 tons, which is equivalent to saving 720 trees2 every year!



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