Water Cuts a New Path in Home Design

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Marybeth Thorsgaard
Marybeth Thorsgaard currently serves as Pentair's Vice President of Communications


Water Cuts a New Path in Home Design

Surrounded by nature and spanning a small stream, the aptly named Bridge House makes an undeniable statement: Modern living and the natural environment don’t need to be at odds.

Situated in Los Angeles’ Hancock Park, a neighborhood just south of Hollywood known for its architectural history, the Bridge House started as the brainchild of architect Dan Brunn.

Over the course of two years, Brunn worked with a network of innovative partners, including Pentair, to bring the house to life. The finished home is a testament to a new way forward in residential design.

The Story Behind Bridge House

Watch how water moves through Bridge House

Raised in Tel Aviv, Brunn developed an early appreciation for the city’s Bauhaus-inspired architecture and focus on sustainability.


“Water is very important and rare,” he said in our video interview. For Brunn, it was important that the Bridge House “use the water that’s on-site and available, and in the most clever way possible.”

That’s where Pentair came in, helping the architect bring his vision to life with a whole home water solution to help ensure the water is managed as smartly and sustainably as possible, both inside and out.

From Bridge House to Your House

The same Pentair products throughout the Bridge House can make your own home more sustainable, including:

Plus, our touch-screen controller gives you easy access to all the most important water-saving features of your home at your fingertips.

The Modern Swimming Pool

The Bridge House also demonstrates how Pentair has modernized the home swimming pool with automated, energy-efficient systems:

“You don’t want to be running a really strong pump all the time,” says Brunn. “We’re able to program the right flow at the right time with the right noise level. It’s seamless and amazing.”

More to Explore

We’re proud to be a part of this incredible project. Explore our full line of residential water solutions for ways you can improve the quality and sustainability of your own water.

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