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SKU#: EC-462027

Heat Your Pool Smarter

Save money and energy with the MasterTemp High-Performance Heater. Already known as being dependable and efficient, MasterTemp now offers smart features and an optional energy-saving automatic bypass to help you ensure your pool is ready whenever you are.

  • Smart connectivity via the Pentair IntelliCenter®
    Control System
    enables management of pool functions from across the yard or around the globe.
  • Full-text digital display combines new functions and a user-friendly menu for easy operation and diagnostics.
  • Digital connectivity with your pool’s automation system and an advanced ignition control module with flame strength sensor help to ensure optimal heater performance.       
  • Alerts pushed to a smart device to keep you updated on heater performance and real-time status.
  • Optional Smart Heater Bypass valve control diverts water flow when the heater isn’t needed to help save up to 35% in yearly operational costs.*
  • Available only in store from Pentair dealers or retail stores
Find out where to purchase online or in a retail location near you.

*Standard copper heat exchanger 84% efficient. Heavy-duty (HD) cupro-nickel heat exchanger 82% efficient.

*Savings amount based on lab testing conducted using MasterTemp 400® heater in conjunction with IntelliFlo® VSF Pump and Bypass Kit, which includes IntelliValve® controlled by heater. Test Conditions: Pump flow rate: 50gpm. Pump run time: 3000 hours/yr. Heater run time: 100 hours/yr. Electrical Cost: $0.21 per kWh. System TDH: Heater and Bypass Kit added to Standardized “Curve C” System Curve performance data as per California Energy Commission Title 20 Appliance Efficiency Regulations. Test conditions assume pump flow rate of 50gpm and Constant Flow operation utilizing a lower motor RPM when flow is bypassing the heater due to lower system TDH. Actual performance and any subsequent energy consumption/savings are dependent upon various characteristics of the plumbing system, including but not limited to, pipe size, pipe lengths, filter type, fittings, system design, equipment run time/settings and more.

*Pentair has a trained team of TradeGrade experts and third-party resources that will be scouring the internet 24/7 for TradeGrade violations. Our guarantee to you is that we will use all resources at our disposal to actively monitor and enforce this policy.If a TradeGrade product is sold online, the warranty will be limited to a 60-day limited warranty. Pentair will not be liable for any costs or expenses related to an extended warranty provided to a customer beyond the 60-day limited warranty that Pentair provides for such sales. Additionally, no PIP dollars will be rewarded to the dealer for the purchase. When a TradeGrade product is purchased and sold in compliance with the TradeGrade policy, that product will receive the full product warranty.

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