Get Wise About Water Quality

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Phil Rolchigo
Phil Rolchigo serves as EVP, and Chief Technology Officer


Get Wise About Water Quality

Pentair Water Solutions - Filtration

Water is the key to every refreshing sip, nourishing meal and thriving city center in the world. It takes innovative technology and engineering behind the scenes to help make the most of this essential resource, and at Pentair we work to deliver great tasting, higher quality water for every setting, including your home, favorite restaurant, and your entire community.

It all starts with understanding the quality of the water, which can be assessed by performing a water test. While most homeowners and businesses alike receive water from a local water treatment facility that treats water to standards set by a regulatory body such as the United States Environmental Protection Agency, your water still might not be to your preference for taste, color, and smell. This can be managed with in-home solutions such as by using whole home water treatment technology.

The benefits of quality, treated water in the home can go beyond quality and offer environmental and financial benefits as well. In home water solutions can deliver bottle-quality refreshment to your home at a fraction of the price, while also helping to reduce single-use plastic waste. Additionally, water treatment can also help limit the impacts of hard water creating softer hair and skin, cleaner laundry, while reducing energy costs and extending the life of your water appliances. A simple change to your water’s chemistry can make important life moments just a little more enjoyable – while bringing peace of mind and the highest-quality water to your family.

Pentair's capabilities also extend outside the home. We’re trusted by commercial business owners and industries to create customized water solutions that efficiently and effectively filter and treat water to help ensure consistent quality whether it’s needed for brewing a cup of coffee or a pint of beer. We also provide important solutions that convert water and wastewater into cleaner, potable water, building healthier communities across the country and globe.

At Pentair, our work for families, workplaces and communities is rooted in our commitment to help people move, improve and enjoy smart, sustainable water solutions, and we aim to deliver on this commitment each and every day.

Water Bottle Reduction

In 2021, Pentair helped customers avoid 8,956,839,073 single-use plastic water bottles through our residential filtration systems

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