What's Your Pool Persona?

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What's Your Pool Persona?

Your pool is the center of endless summer memories. Everyone has their own unique way of finding their pool joy. Whether you like to kick back, entertain, show off or bring everyone together, your backyard oasis can make it happen.

What pool persona best describes you?

The Host

"Come on over!"

You have the grill, drinks and a pool ready for the season’s big bash. Whether you are having a blowout or a hangout, your pool is the place to be for the next social splash. With Pentair tailored water solutions offering heaters and automatic feeders make your pool water warm, sparkling and swim-ready for any festive occasion.

The Family Fun Goer

"Bring the whole crew!"

Family is everything, and the more folks, the more fun. You love when your pool is the site of the reunion celebration. If your pool is bursting with laughter and splashing, your heart is bursting with pride. These are the best memories of being together, and you can trust Pentair pumps and filters to make sure your water stays ready for the relatives.

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