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Pentair Pentek® Intellisafe™

Pentair introduces the Pentek® Intellisafe™ power module offering advanced torque control and system protection for single phase capacitor start grinder pumps. The Pentek Intellisafe combines the features of a contactor, overload relay and potential relay into a single universal design compatible with all brands of single phase capacitor start grinders between 5 and 25 FLA.

  • Engages start windings faster than a potential relay to maintain RPM’s and higher water velocities to reduce clogging.
  • Prevents operating in low voltage conditions, monitors start capacitor usage and keeps system from continually trying to start in a locked rotor situation, and prevents startup if pump is wired to unit incorrectly.
  • Monitors start capacitor usage and protects capacitor from failing if a no start pump situation exists. Zero Cross technology reduces arcing time to extend contact life.
  • Combines 3 devices (and hundreds of configurations) into a single universal module. Simple layout, simple connections. Reduced inventory. Faster installation and service time. UL 508A.