3 Myths that are Costing You a Bundle in Unnecessary Pump Energy Costs

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Myth 1: The bigger and more powerful the pump, the better. 

False! Different tasks like filtering, heating, operating spa jets or water features all require different flow rates. And nearly all of these tasks require less power than unchangeable, pre-set, single-speed pumps. That means you’re wasting a lot of energy and money, right out of your pocket!

Overpowering your pool, especially for simple tasks like filtering, wastes a lot of energy and money. Additionally, it causes excess wear and tear on the pump and other pool equipment, which can leave you with costly repairs or needing to replace sooner than usual.


Myth 2. Running my pump longer at slower speeds will cost more and won’t keep my pool water as clean or healthy. 

Um, nope! Variable speed and flow pumps can save up to 90% in energy costs while running longer and slower than unchangeable, single-speed pumps. In fact when you reduce the pump speed in half it cuts consumption by 87%. To learn more about how that works, check out the Affinity Law of pumps.

When water moves slowly for longer periods of time, it also helps reduce the occurrence of algae that forms when water is pumped quickly and then allowed to rest for long intervals. This is because your filter works better when it has more time to sift out particles, rather than pushing them through at needlessly high pressure.

In addition to improved filtration, automatic chemical dispensers and chlorinators can work better too!

Myth 3. This pump is for elegant pools with more features than mine. 

Not even close! Energy efficient pumps are for EVERY pool! That’s why legislation is mandating these pumps for all pools, regardless of the price range, number of features, etc. Yup, the U.S. Department of Energy is mandating variable speed pumps for all pools in 2021.

Starting July 18, 2021, self-priming filtration pumps rated between 0.711 and 2.5 hydraulic horsepower will be required to meet the U.S. Department of Energy’s new energy conservation standards for dedicated-purpose pool pumps. The reason for this mandate is because variable speed pumps are so efficient. This one change means reduced demand on utility energy grids and money savings for everyone.

If you’re ready to make the switch from a single-speed to an energy-efficient, variable speed and flow pool pump today, find a local pool professional near you! On top of the energy savings you’ll get there are even rebates available for select variable speed pumps until September 30, 2019.

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