Kid-Friendly Pool Safety Tips for Parents

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May is National Water Safety Month and it’s the perfect time to celebrate pool safety with the whole family! Whether you have an above ground pool or inground pool, safety should always be a top priority, especially when children are involved. 

mother and daughter in pool


Here are four kid-friendly pool safety tips for families:

1.  Lock it  up

Children are such curious creatures and nothing seems more interesting than a pool. Pool access should always be cut off when the pool is not in use. Install fences, gates and locked doors to prevent access by children, pets and other uninvited swimmers who could potentially fall in or be injured when playing unsupervised.

2.  Pair Up

No one should ever swim alone. This goes for children, teens and adults – even expert swimmers. Additionally, never leave children alone or unsupervised when swimming in the pool. Always use the buddy system when swimming and make sure there is an adult always watching the water when it is in use. When children are new to swimming or are still small, it’s important for an adult to always be within reach of the child, so prepare to get in the pool too!

3. Put Up Toys

Toys should never be left in or around the pool. This means you shouldn’t leave toys to dry in the sun on the deck. Toys in this area can be an issue if a child searching for their favorite toy and can access the pool. If toys are wet from pool time, place them outside of the pool fence in a sunny area where they can dry. If needed, take them inside and put them near the kitchen sink or in the bathtub to dry. Leaving toys in or near the pool poses a serious threat to pool safety – so take this easy step and put them away!

4. Prepare Now

You can’t put a price on preparedness, so take the time to become First Aid/CPR certified. It doesn’t take a lot of time and the benefits are honestly immeasurable. The Red Cross offers classes, so don’t hesitate to find one near you. In addition to being certified in First Aid and CPR, you should have a pool safety plan, a phone nearby with emergency numbers and lifesaving equipment (like a hook or flotation device).

Whether you own an above ground pool or inground pool, maintaining a safe pool is important. Summer is just around the corner, and now is the time to prepare your pool and your family for the sun-filled days in the pool to come.  So celebrate National Water Safety Month with us (and your family!) by making your pool a fun and safe place for you and your loved ones!

Pentair takes pool safety seriously. That’s why we’re a proud sponsor of the 2019 National Water Safety Month. Get more ideas on how to promote water safety 

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