New Year's Resolutions

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New Year's Resolutions

If your main goal for 2022 is to get back on track with living a healthier lifestyle, then one of the best ways to do it is to increase your water intake. Use these tips for drinking more water in 2022 to help you stay hydrated and happy all year long.

How to Drink More Water

While official recommendations vary on how much water you should drink each day, there's no question about its importance. The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) says that drinking enough water is important for your health and that adequate hydration assists many bodily functions. It also notes that, on average, U.S. adults drink 39 ounces of water a day. However, you may need more depending on factors like your local climate and level of physical activity.

So how can you get more water? Here are a few great recommendations from the CDC:

  • Get a refillable water bottle and carry it with you all day. You can even find some bottles with markings that indicate how much you should drink by certain times to keep you motivated.
  • A fan of cold water? Freeze your bottle overnight, or keep it filled with ice to make it easier to drink.
  • Add a squeeze of fresh lemon or lime to add a little flavor without adding calories.
  • Rather than just haphazardly chugging glasses throughout the day, set a goal for exactly how much you want to drink. That way, you'll be motivated to meet that amount.
  • Set a reminder on your phone every hour so you can refill your glass at that time.

More Exercise? More Water

One common New Year’s resolution is to start exercising. If that's your goal, you'll need water to help you along the weay. Water is crucial for keeping you hydrated and energetic. After all, around 70% of your body is water, so sweating a lot during physical activity can significantly decrease this percentage. Make sure you keep a bottle with you at every workout. A cool, hydrating sip is a refreshing reward after a sweat session.

Of course, water isn't the only tool you'll need to start out your new year right. You'll also want to try a healthy diet filled with a variety of fruits and veggies. Great news—these also contain water and provide an extra boost of hydration!

Tracking Your Resolutions Progress

When setting your water goals, whatever they are, it's important to be realistic. Don't expect to drink 500 ounces of water a day. Rather, keep things simple and obtainable. You don't immediately have to jump up to your goal number. If you currently only drink two glasses of water a day, go for three, then four, then five, and so on.

Once you start making progress, tracking it will give you extra motivation. Try these fun ideas for recording your progress:

  • Share a story on social media every day to highlight your success.
  • Keep a water journal where you write thoughts about how you did—and if you're feeling any positive benefits of drinking more water.
  • Create a daily water chart and give yourself stickers every time you hit your goals.

Trust Your Water to Pentair in 2022

If drinking more water is at the top of your New Year's resolution ideas, Pentair can help. Pentair's whole house water filtration products deliver great-tasting, odor-free water you'll love drinking. By helping to reduce up to 97% of chlorine, Pentair filters give you water you can trust from every tap. Make 2022 your year. Insist on Pentair.

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