Reducing Waste Through Reuse And Recycling

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Darcy Robison
Darcy Robison currently serves as Pentair's Social Responsibility Senior Director


Reducing Waste Through Reuse And Recycling


This week we celebrate Earth Day 2021, a 3-day event to inspire global citizens to Restore Our Earth™. At Pentair, our purpose and mission help to empower our employees to make a difference within and beyond the workplace. Sustainability is not an initiative, but instead it is core to how we operate, the products we create, and the customers we serve.

Addressing global waste is a key pillar of the Restore Our Earth platform. At Pentair, we work to limit our environmental impact by reducing waste from operations and increasing reuse and recycling. We currently reuse or recycle approximately 77 percent of the waste generated at our manufacturing sites, and strive to increase that amount each year.

Pentair Ashland Foundry

Sustainable Sourcing

In addition to our efforts to recycle waste generated at our own facilities, we also look for opportunities to source recycled materials for the production of our smart, sustainable solutions. Our manufacturing site in Ashland, Ohio operates its own foundry, where iron components for our Pentair Myers pumps are produced by melting metal, and pouring the liquid metal into molds.

Ashland Employee at Pentair Site

To produce these components, the foundry annually recycles an average of 6.5 million pounds of high-quality scrap steel from the automotive industry, reusing it and preventing it from going to landfills. 

In addition to the recycled scrap steel, the site also recycles the parts of the castings that are removed after sand molding, as well as any scrap metal produced on-site. As a result, components of Pentair Myers pumps produced in Ashland are made from 100 percent recycled material.

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