With a Turn of the Tap

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Phil Rolchigo
Phil Rolchigo
currently serves as Pentair’s Chief Technology Officer


With a Turn of the Tap

Every time we turn on the tap, we want to know the water coming out will be clean, clear and safe to drink. But many of us are unaware of the technology and engineering behind the scenes that help make this incredible achievement an everyday occurrence. Water is the key to every refreshing sip, nourishing meal and thriving city center in the world, and it’s made possible through water treatment systems like those made at Pentair. It’s part of our commitment to creating smart, sustainable water solutions for life.


We create solutions for every setting, including your home, workplace, and your entire community. Untreated water has a certain amount of contaminants, many of which must be removed for safe consumption. This can range from rust, sediment and organic chemicals to bacteria or cysts, and it takes sophisticated engineering to ensure that these impurities are removed long before they make their way to your tap.

The benefits of quality, treated water go beyond your family’s physical health. Sound water solutions achieve cost effectiveness by bringing bottle-quality refreshment to your home at a fraction of the price. Water treatment can also help limit the impacts of hard water creating softer hair and skin, cleaner laundry, while reducing energy costs and extending the life of your water appliances. A simple change to your water’s chemistry can make all of life’s moments just a little more enjoyable – all while bringing peace of mind and the highest-quality water to your family.

Pentair's capabilities go beyond your home. We’re trusted by business owners, industrial manufacturing companies and entire cities alike to create water treatment systems that provide smart water solutions and a sound bottom line. Our work for families, workplaces and communities is rooted in our commitment to building a healthier future through the precious gift of clean, safe water.

At Pentair, we believe every drop of water is special - whether that’s in a city’s water reserve, a cup of coffee or your family’s drinking glass - we’re committed to providing unparalleled expertise and accessibility in our water filtration systems. To learn more about Pentair water filtration and purification technologies and locate a qualified Pentair dealer, click here.

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