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Pentair, through its Goyen Mecair global product line brand, is a market leader in reliable dust collector reverse pulse cleaning components. We develop and produce high quality, widely-certified products from pulse jet valves and pulse cleaning controllers, to fully certified and custom-engineered header tank solutions, with or without full immersion valves.

Since 1935, we have provided engineering expertise and partnerships to some of the world’s leading dust collector manufacturers. Our diaphragm valves deliver powerful air pulses and are specifically designed for baghouses in which reverse pulse jet systems frequently clean the filters, including all bag filters, cartridge, envelope, ceramic and sintered metal fiber filters. 

The rugged design and construction of Goyen Mecair valves, and the resulting reliability, has led to their use in high-performance systems around the world. Dust collectors may be used to control the dispersion of noxious substances, improve indoor air quality in workplaces, or prevent harmful emissions. The advanced Pentair technology, backed up by more than 80 years of practical industrial experience and application know-how, has made our components the preferred choice for demanding industries and processes, including:

  • cement production 
  • mining applications 
  • silo and conveyor systems, bulk goods handling 
  • general industrial dust collection
  • improving indoor workplace air quality 
  • preventing harmful emissions
  • protecting boilers and gas turbines in the power industry

We have created the most efficient filter cleaning controls available today, from simple four-valve timers all the way to networked systems that operate a thousand reverse pulse jet valves at -40°. We offer practical and effective solutions for applications ranging from silo venting to massive gas turbine intake filter systems. A broad range of third party certifications underpins our product range. Let us help you maximize the life of filter media and minimize the cost of achieving the best possible cleaning cycle.

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