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Our Industries

Agriculture Indisutry

X-Flow membrane solutions address the challenges in the agricultural water industry. We ensure efficient plant operating at lower costs.

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The food & beverage industry is typically the segment that generates highly loaded wastewater streams. Our ultrafiltration membranes greatly improve your water.

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Our brand offers two types of water treatment scenarios for the healthcare & hospitality industry: point-of-use treatment and point-of-entry treatment.

Mining Indisutry

X-Flow membranes can help the mining industry with the pre-treatment of seawater, mining wastewater and water resulting from mining processes.

Municipal Water Disposal

Our membrane solutions are developed to meet the challenges in the municipal water industry. Our X-Flow membranes will provide municipalities with clear water.

oil and gas industry

In the oil & gas industry we have high quality membranes with cost-effective solutions for your water treatment challenges.


The most complex processing and water treatment issues are faced in the pharmaceutical industry by our membrane technology.

Power Industry

We provide filtration and separation membrane solutions and services for the power industry.

Semi-Conductor industry

The semiconductor industry is the largest consumer of ultrapure water. This is essential for cleaning and rinsing the surface of wafers. We offer you advanced membrane technology.

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