At Pentair, Energy Efficiency Day is Every Day

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Marybeth Thorsgaard
Marybeth Thorsgaard currently serves as Pentair's Vice President of Communications and President of the Pentair Foundation


At Pentair, energy efficiency day is every day

Energy Efficiency Day is a growing collaboration between dozens of organizations, founded in 2016 to spread awareness about the benefits of energy efficiency, including lower costs and less harm to the environment. At Pentair, we strive for these outcomes not just in how we develop our products and manufacture them, including using solar and wind power at several of our sites, but in how our products operate in homes and businesses around the world.

Water is our most precious resource. Creating smart and sustainable ways for people, businesses and industries to access it is more than a company mandate—it’s our passion. That’s why, for us, Energy Efficiency Day is more than just today. It’s tomorrow, and every day after.


But there is still more work to be done and the need to protect our most precious resource is greater than ever. In order to rise to this challenge, we will need continue to advance technologies that are energy and water efficient. The health of our world depends on it.

At Pentair, we will continue to rise to this challenge—as we have done for decades. You can read more about the initiatives we have in place in our 2018 Corporate Responsibility Report.

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