Root for the Twins. Reduce plastic waste.

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John Jacko
John Jacko currently serves as Executive Vice President and Chief Growth Officer of Pentair


Root for the Twins. Reduce plastic waste.

We’re proud to help fans stay hydrated with great tasting water while reducing plastic bottle use at Target Field. It’s a home run!

Picture this: It’s a 90-degree day and you’ve got amazing seats for a Minnesota Twins game. If you’re going to have any hopes of maintaining your Twins-fan spirit in the noon sun, staying hydrated is a must.

Just in time for National Drinking Water Week May 5 – 11, we’re excited to unveil our new Pentair Water Filtration Stations at Target Field.  Now baseball fans can bring their own reusable water bottles to fill up and stay hydrated, while also helping reduce plastic bottle waste at the stadium—considered the “Greenest Ballpark in America.”

TC Bear at Pentair Watering station

Check in and win

These aren’t your average water fountains. Pentair Water Filtration Stations provide the same crisp, great-tasting, filtered water you’d expect from our industry-leading products. But that’s not all. When you check in at Target Field using the MLB Ballpark app, you could win a Pentair water bottle to use at the game and on the go. Save money, reduce plastic waste, and stay hydrated while enjoying The Great American Pastime.

How about conserving water too?

With this initiative, we’re making a big dent in reducing plastic waste—last year our residential filtration solutions helped eliminate the need for over 9 billion water bottles! But that’s only one piece of our partnership with our hometown team.

Since 2009 we have collaborated with the Twins to help make Target Field the first LEED-certified professional sports venue in North America. Meeting the high LEED (Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design) standards meant reducing their reliance on municipal water.

19 million gallons of water saved

We collaborated with the team on Target Field’s Rain Water Recycle System (RWRS), which captures, conserves, and reuses rain water to keep the playing field green and the stadium seats clean. Pentair’s RWRS has been a tremendous success, cutting the ballpark’s municipal water usage in half and contributing to Target Field achieving LEED Gold recertification for Existing Building: Operations & Maintenance in 2019.

living wall image at Target Field Pentair's Rainwater Recycle System helps irrigate the new living wall at Target Field

Starting this year, Pentair’s RWRS also irrigates Target Field’s new “living wall” in center field. The living wall is 2,280 square feet and filled with 5,700 sea-green juniper plants. The junipers create a backdrop of lush greenery and provide both beauty and a world-class hitter’s backdrop.

It’s one more way Pentair is moving and improving water to make life more enjoyable at Target Field and beyond.

Pentair is the official smart, sustainable water provider of the Minnesota Twins. Whether you’re at home, work, or play, our comprehensive water solutions help you enjoy life’s essential resource.

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