Hypro Express End Cap with Flush Valve

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hypro express end cap benefits

The Hypro Express End Cap with Flush Valve provides 3 key benefits to your sprayer:

  • Improved Sprayer Cleanout
  • Reduced Shut-Off Lag Time
  • Reduced Chemical Waste

Improved Sprayer Cleanout

The Hypro Express End cap increases the effectiveness of sprayer cleanout and reduces the amount of time required to complete sprayer clean out procedures. The Express End cap uses a stainless steel ball valve to allow fast, easy boom cleanout. By removing dead-end space at the end of the spray boom, the Express End cap improves sprayer cleanout and eliminates a common place for chemical residue build up. 

An inefficient sprayer flushing comes with higher risk of crop damage from herbicide residue remaining in the piping as well as increased selection pressure for herbicide resistance. Uncleaned residue may also pose
the risk of interactions with future tank mixes if they are not correctly removed from the spraying system. 


The Hypro Express Flush Valve takes 5 seconds to flush compared to more than one minute to flush others, saving valuable time between loads. An easier and better flushing helps to reduce yield loss from unwanted chemicals in the system. Faster flushing means less time spent in the field not spraying. By eliminating flushing time, operators can be more efficient and optimize spray timing for better yields.


reduced shut-off lag

Trapped air inside your spray boom can lead to shut-off lag. This trapped air depressurizes slower than spray solution resulting in continued flow and dribbling after you shut-off your spray boom.


Reduced Chemical Waste

By aspirating the trapped air inside the spray boom, the Express End cap allows for much as much as an 85% reduction in nozzle shut-off time. This reduction in shut-off time saves you money by reducing chemical waste. 

When experiencing shut-off lag it can be difficult to maintain field borders and grass waterways while maintaining adequate coverage of the crop area. Maintenance of these areas reduces soil erosion and water pollution. Grass waterways are an effective filter of agricultural chemicals. A 30 foot grass buffers can collect as much 90% sediment removed 80% p and 70% N from runoff water. According to the USDA NRCS grass waterways and buffer strips between crop fields and waterways can remove up to 50 percent or more of nutrients and pesticides and up to 75 percent or more of sediment in run-off water.

To learn more about the Express End and Flush Valve follow the link below to visit our YouTube page:  https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=QVl6IBfWThQ

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