Pentair Hypro 9915 Series High Operating Pressure Diaphragm Pumps

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Pentair Hypro 9915 Series High Operating Pressure Diaphragm Pumps


These pumps are constructed with a multi-piston design to produce plenty of pressure to help ensure complete and efficient coverage for all your spraying needs. Common uses include animal house cleaning washdowns and tree spraying applications.

  • Equipped with a variety of features that help to improve longevity:
  • Hardened Bioxistop aluminum heads, manifold, and case helps preserve pump from white oxidation of aluminum that comes in contact with water
  • Double piston rings – helps maintain oil pressure to hydrodynamically support the diaphragm through the pressure cycle
  • Crowned shaped pistons conforms to the diaphragm at pressure stroke to help prevent wear
  • Spherical profiled valve poppet designed to deliver higher volumetric efficiencies
  • Roller bearing supported connecting rods that are thermally treated help prevent wear
  • Unique 32 hole pressure dampener system helps to reduce vibrations for smoother coverage of treatment
  • Pump shaft rotation: CW and CCW
  • Mounting base included
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Product Components

  1. Oversized suction and pressure circuits create a smooth flow of liquid with no loss of pressure.
  2. Oil tank fitted with a matched diaphragm to ensure correct oil level.
  3. Pre-profiled Duramax® diaphragms are standard in all pumps.
  4. Shorter crankshaft stroke* reduces stress on the diaphragms helping to increase pump life.
  5. Unique "pulsation damper system" helps ensure regular flow of liquid and reduces vibrations, allowing smoother operations.
  6. Pre-profiled diaphragm available in 4 different materials: Buna-N, Desmopan®, Viton®, and Duramax.
  7. Spherical profiled check valve design provides a more positive contact at closure to help increase overall volumetric efficiencies.
  8. Pre-set diaphragm bolt and washer made up of 316 stainless steel specially selected for chemical resistance and longer operation life.
  9. Double piston rings for each piston helps increase diaphragm efficiency.
  10. Parts in contact with the spray liquid are black oxide anodized aluminum or stainless steel to help provide corrosion resistance.
9915-D1063 & 9915-D1504 High Operating Pressure Diagphragm Pump


9915-D106327.9 [106]725 [50]13.9 [10.4]
9915-D150438.8 [147]725 [50]19.3 [14.4]
9915-D106327.9 [106]725 [50]13.9 [10.4]
9915-D150438.8 [147]725 [50]19.3 [14.4]

*Compared to Pentair Hypro (AR) 9910 Series Pumps

DURAMAX® is a trademark owned by GENERAL MOTORS, LLC.

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