Pentair Flotec FP7120 82-Gallon Pre-Charged Pressure Tank (Vertical)

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Pentair Flotec FP7120 82-Gallon Pre-Charged Pressure Tank (Vertical)

Pre-charged pressure tanks require 50% less space than standard conventional tanks while providing greater water capacity between pump cycles for maximum system life.

Key Features

  • Requiring less space than conventional tanks, this pre-charged well tank provides additional water capacity between pump cycles, maximizing your water system life.
  • Actual capacity is 35 gallons, pre-charged at 40 PSI. Drawdown is 12.7 gallons for a 20/40 PSI switch (pre-charged at 18 PSI), 10.7 for a 30/50 (28 PSI), and 9.3 for a 40/60 (38 PSI).
  • A one-piece seamless PVC bladder/water cell ensures that water never touches or corrodes any of the metal components. Easily maintain your tank with a replaceable air/water separator.
  • An electrostatically-applied and baked-on polyester finish over a heavy-gauge steel body extends service life. The air valve is conveniently located for quick hook-up.
  • Tank discharge tapping is 1-inch NPT. One pre-charged water tank measuring 20 inches in diameter (50.8 centimeters) by 36-1/4 inches tall (92.1 centimeters) is included with a 5-year limited manufacturer's warranty.
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Performance Curves

PerformanceCurves_Pre-Charged Pressure Tank (Vertical) - 82 Gallons



FP7120-1035 GallonsVertical61.6 lbs
FP7120-1035 GallonsVertical61.6 lbs
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