Inspiring Action Toward Positive Change

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Pentair's Executive Leadership Team
Pentair's Executive Leadership Team


Inspiring action toward positive change

The events of the past few weeks, including George Floyd’s terrible death and the many that preceded it, have forced us to confront the fact that systemic injustice and racism persist. The bias and racism that exist in our society have divided our communities and disenfranchised African Americans for too long. As a nation, we have a long way to go, and as individuals and as corporations, we can no longer wait for things to change, we must create the change. At Pentair, we are firmly opposed to this racism and injustice and are committed to doing our part to build greater unity, fairness and justice.

Today, we want to share how Pentair is accelerating its journey toward becoming a more inclusive workplace, as well as driving for greater change across our communities. This begins with a commitment to listening and learning and then engaging with our communities, through positive coalitions focused on making meaningful, lasting change.

We are hosting a series of internal listening sessions across our organization to encourage connection, build insight and empathy across Pentair. We are also taking an active role, through investment and volunteerism, in community efforts to address racial, social justice and equity issues, as well as rebuilding efforts in impacted communities. This includes five hours of paid time off for each of our nearly 10,000 employees globally as well as a double match by the Pentair Foundation for employee qualifying contributions to non-profit organizations engaged in working on racial, social injustice and equity issues.

This is only the beginning of the positive change we want to drive within Pentair and in our communities around inclusion and diversity. We realize we have a lot to learn, and we will challenge ourselves to continue the conversation with you and inspire action toward change that makes a real difference.

Pentair’s Executive Leadership Team

John L. Stauch, President and Chief Executive Officer

Kelly A. Baker, EVP, Chief Human Resources Officer

Mario R. D’Ovidio, EVP and President, Consumer Solutions

Bob P. Fishman, EVP, Chief Financial Officer and Chief Accounting Officer

John H. Jacko, EVP, Chief Growth Officer

Jerome O. Pedretti, EVP and President, Industrial & Flow Technologies

Karla C. Robertson, EVP, General Counsel, Secretary

Philip M. Rolchigo, Ph.D., EVP, Chief Technology Officer

Karl Frykman, Strategic Advisor to the CEO

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