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Why aren’t my color lights changing to the correct color on my EasyTouch?

  • First, verify that the EasyTouch automation system is in AUTO mode and not in SERVICE or TIMEOUT mode. If in SERVICE or TIMEOUT mode, push the MENU button at the outdoor panel until AUTO appears in the top left corner of the display.
  • Second, confirm that the light circuits are programmed as an “IntelliBrite” function and are configured in the “Lights” menu. (Refer to the  Quick Reference Guide  for IntelliBrite Programming)
  • If the lights are programmed correctly, the relay at the outdoor panel can be heard clicking OFF/ON a given number of times, based on the color selection.

Why are the green and red LEDs for the salt level flashing back and forth on my salt cell?

  • This is normal operation when power is first supplied to the unit. Once the flow switch closes due to adequate water flow, the FLOW LED will change from red to green indicating sufficient flow. After the FLOW light turns green, the salt level lights will continue scrolling between green and red for another two minutes. During this time, the cell is gathering data for a salt reading. Two minutes after the FLOW LED turns green, the salt level should stop on either green or red.
  • If the FLOW LED remains red after two minutes, verify that the pump is on and running at a high enough speed if it is a variable speed. If the pump is running, the problem could be inadequate water flow due to debris in the pump or skimmer baskets, a clogged impeller, low water level in the pool resulting in air being sucked in through the skimmer, a suction leak, a valve in the wrong position, a dirty filter, obstruction in the salt cell or a faulty flow switch.

My MT/MET heater will turn on manually at the heater but why won’t it turn on through my automation system?

  • Verify the MT/MET heater is connected to an automation system. The MT/MET heater must be left in the ON position at the heater for the automation system to be able to control it. With a call for heat through the automation system, walk over to the heater and if there are no LEDS on and no display, push the SPA ON button on the heater control panel. Also push the UP arrow and confirm that it is set to the maximum temperature that you would heat your pool and/or spa. The heater should fire up. From this point forward, control the heater through the automation and not on the heater control panel.

My standalone single speed pump was replaced with an IntelliFlo VSF. Could you help me program it?

Why can’t I control my equipment through ScreenLogic? When connecting on my computer, I get the message “Connecting to Pool Controller Please Wait…”?

Warning Image for Pool Controler
  • This message is an indication that there is no communication between the ScreenLogic protocol adapter and the outdoor panel. The fact that you can see this screen indicates that the communication from the adapter to the router is fine. If this is a new installation, confirm that the color sequence of the four wires is correct.
  • NOTE: Turn power off to the system prior to making any connections. At this point, it may be necessary to call a pool professional.
  • If the adapter is hardwired directly to the COM port on the outside board, the problem could be a loose or broken wire or possibly a bad COM port on the outdoor board.
  • If using the ScreenLogic Wireless Connection Kit, verify that both wireless transceivers have a steady POWER LED lit. If they don’t both have a steady POWER LED, then they aren’t communicating with each other.  Confirm that the transceivers are not near sources that could interfere with the signal, cycle power to them to try and re-establish communication between them.  If still unable to establish communication between them and it isn’t due to distance, the wireless transceivers may need to be replaced. If the two transceivers are communicating with each other, check the RS-485 cable connections on both transceivers, the protocol adapter and the COM port for loose/broken wires. If everything looks good and both transceivers have a steady POWER light, the issue could be a bad COM port on the outdoor board
  • NOTE: If there are other devices plugged into the COM port on the outdoor board and they are communicating, that would indicate that the COM port is working fine.

Why is my IntelliChem displaying a low ORP reading when my chlorine level is fine?

  • Oxidation-reduction potential (ORP) is a measurement of sanitizer effectiveness and is not directly related to chlorine ppm. ORP will fluctuate due to factors such as CYA levels, sunlight intensity, pH, combined chlorine and salt chlorine generators. If the ORP sensor has not been cleaned recently, using a soft bristle toothbrush, clean it with a mixture of household liquid dish washing detergent and water and then rinse it thoroughly. Manually check the overall water chemistry to verify that the water is properly balanced. Some factors that could result in a lower than expected ORP reading include a high pH (acceptable range of 7.2-7.6), high cyanuric acid (should be less than 30 ppm) and high phosphates (should be less than 125 ppb). If everything checks out fine, the problem could be a faulty ORP sensor.

My standalone variable speed pump has stopped running its daily schedule? Why isn’t it working?

  • In order for the pump to run its daily schedule, the Start/Stop light must be illuminated. If the Start/Stop light is out, the pump is OFF and will not run. Push the Start/Stop button so that it is illuminated and it will continue running the scheduled programs. Someone would have had to have turned off the pump manually.
  • If this is a SuperFlo VS/VST or SuperMax VS, also confirm that the “Ext. control only” LED is not illuminated. If it is illuminated, with the pump stopped (Start/Stop not illuminated), push and hold the Start/Stop button for 10 seconds to disable external control only mode. Push Start/Stop again to start the pump and it should resume running the daily schedule.

I can’t adjust the sanitizer output level on my salt cell. When I push the LESS or MORE button, the output reverts back to the previous setting. Why can’t I change it?

  • When the salt cell is connected to our automation system, the sanitizer output level must be changed in the programming of the automation. It cannot be manually adjusted on the cell itself.
    • For IntelliCenter system: Tap on Chemistry icon and make changes
    • For EasyTouch system: MENU > SETTINGS > INTELLICHLOR
    • For IntelliTouch system: MENU > SETUP > EQUIPMENT > CHLORINATOR make changes and SAVE must be pushed afterwards to accept the change
    • SunTouch system: Push MENU button 13 times to IntelliChlor Menu 13/14, right arrow to output screen, make adjustment with UP/DOWN arrow and then LEFT arrow back to the main screen


I just installed ScreenLogic Connect on my computer. When I run it and I click on “Start ScreenLogic”, it doesn’t open. Why not?

  • After installing ScreenLogic Connect on a PC, either an icon will be displayed on the desktop or it will appear within your apps. Locate ScreenLogic Connect, right-click on it and select “Run as administrator”. This step is necessary on initial startup of ScreenLogic Connect when installed on a PC. This is only required the first time the application is run.

My EasyTouch wireless remote isn’t communicating any longer.

  • From the main screen, check the battery status icon located on the lower right side of the wireless remote and verify that the batteries have a sufficient charge. If there is only one bar lit or the icon is flashing, replace the four AA batteries. Low batteries can prevent the wireless remote from communicating.
  • If the batteries have a sufficient charge, go through the following steps to try and re-establish communication:

 EasyTouch® Wireless Setup

1. From EasyTouch outdoor control panel press Menu.

2. Press Down button to "SETTINGS".

3. Press Right button to select.

4. Press Up button up to "Wireless Address".

5. Press Right button to select.

"Address Wireless scanning" is displayed.

Then "Sending Address” will display.

6. Standing at least 5’ or more away from the transceiver, repeat steps 1-5 from the wireless handheld.

 "Address Found" will be displayed.

7. Press Menu button on control panel 3 times to return to Main screen.

  • If the address isn’t found, cycle power to the outdoor panel and go through the above steps again.
  • NOTE: Turn power off to the system prior to making any connections. At this point, it may be necessary to call a pool professional.
  •  If still unable to establish communication, remove cover from the outside antenna and check the LED lights on the antenna board. The 485-Link on the left side should be flashing at least once every few seconds and the POWER LED on the right side should be steady. The middle RF-Link may or may not be flashing. If the 485-Link is not blinking, a signal is not being sent out and the remote will not sync up. If the wiring is good, it could be a bad outdoor motherboard or a bad transceiver board.
  • NOTE: If there are other devices that communicate through the COM port and they are communicating, then the COM port is working fine and not the issue.
  • If the 485-Link on the left and the RF-Link in the middle blink 6 times together, pause, the 485-Link blinks by itself and they repeat that sequence, then the transceiver board is bad and needs to be replaced.
  • If everything appears to be correct, the issue could be a faulty handheld remote.
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