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Pentair Everpure understands water – and that water can make or break your profits. If the taste and odor of your fountain beverages or coffee are “off,” customers will notice. Your brewing, fountain and ice making equipment is highly affected by water quality as well. Water travels with many unwanted chemicals, sediment and dissolved minerals that can lead to equipment problems caused by mineral scale, clogging, and corrosion. These can result in downtime, increased energy costs, increased maintenance costs and reduced life of water-using equipment. But with proper water treatment, these issues can be avoided. This is why McDonald’s has defined water specifications. And Pentair can help ensure that your store meets these requirements. We have been a valued McDonald’s filtration supplier partner for more than 30 years, and the filtration choice at more than 90% of McDonald’s U.S. locations.


Pentair Everpure Endurance HF Quad System

Endurance High Flow Quad System has a 200,000 gallons capacity and doesn’t require a drain or electricity to operate. Our combination filtration system solutions offer dramatically increased capacity with minimal increase in footprint (total square inches). Meets McDonald’s new US Water Standards.

Pentair Everpure Endurance SC Quad System

The Endurance SC Quad System features a self-cleaning tank with flushable hollow fiber technology. For locations with high submicron particulate content in water source. High capacity allows system to keep up with high water demands and allows for 12-month estimated cartridge change-outs. Meets McDonald’s new US Water Standards.

Pentair Everpure MRS-600HE-II Reverse Osmosis System

High output/high efficiency configurable system that delivers both reverse osmosis (RO) and blended filtered water for foodservice applications. With the average recover of 78%, the MRS-600HE-II system only disposes approximately ¼ cup of water for each cup of coffee brewed. Its high recovery RO technology yields significant savings in water and sewer charges with minimal environmental footprint.

Pentair Everpure MRS-600HE Reverse Osmosis System

Unlike conventional RO systems, which are only about 20% efficient, this system is nearly 80% efficient. Instead of sending four gallons to drain for every one gallon of pure water produced, the Everpure MRS-600HE sends only ¼ gallon of water to drain for every one gallon of pure water delivered. 

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Pentair Everpure Twin Series 7CLM+/4CC Filtration System 

The Pentair Everpure Twin Series 7CLM+/4CC Filtration System is the new store standard of water filtration to be applied to the ConvoTherm MS610 mini Combination Convection Oven. This system provides extra corrosion and gasket protection, and filters water for chloramines, chlorine, taste/odor, and sediment.

Pentair Everpure 2SR-BW Feeder System

The Pentair Everpure 2SR-BW Feeder System is the new store standard for beverage and ice scale protection. This system helps prevent mineral scale from accumulating inside ice machines and coffee brewers, reducing potential performance issues and equipment downtime while extending the life of your valuable equipment.

Pentair Everpure E-20 Prefilter System 

Pentair Everpure E-20 Prefilter System is the new store standard for particulate reduction prior to booster pump, and extends the life of primary filter cartridges. The E-20 Prefilter System is designed to absorb larger dirt and dust particles for foodservice equipment applications. 

Pentair Everpure Parallel 202 Prefilter System

Ideal for water supplies with excessive dirt loads. Its special, dual-gradient prefilter cartridges reduce dirt and other particles at least 10 microns in size, extending the life of downstream, submicron filter system cartridges.


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Pentair Everpure meets McDonald's ever-growing need for high quality filtered water. Contact us to learn more about our approved equipment and solutions. 



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