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Sparkling clean water for pools and spas made easy with automation and monitoring solutions and energy efficient, smart systems

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Pentair Shurflo brings over four decades of experience in the marine plumbing industry. Our products are designed to give you the ultimate performance and reliability to keep you on the water longer.

Pool and Spa Solutions

Pentair is an industry leader in designing advanced pool and spa products and technologies that save energy, maintenance time and conserves water within your home. Our smart innovations lead the industry in variable speed pumps, cleaners, automation, sanitization, heating and pool lighting so that you can enjoy your backyard oasis.

Recreational Vehicles

Pentair Shurflo brings over 50 years of experience in the RV plumbing industry. We strive to bring you the ultimate performance and reliability to help you enjoy your time on the road.

waterparks and theme parks

Operators of mid to large scale waterpark and theme park venues have come to rely on and trust Pentair equipment for the automated management of water movement, sanitization, filtration, balancing water chemistry, heating and more.