Pentair Mobilizes to Help Meet Ventilator Demand

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Dominik Elsaesser
Dominik Elsaesser
currently serves as Vice President of Industrial Filtration at Pentair


Pentair Mobilizes to Help Meet Ventilator Demand

This is an unprecedented time, and at Pentair our focus is on the health and well-being of our employees, our customers, and our communities. Like many companies, Pentair has mobilized to contribute critical technologies that are being used to help COVID-19 patients. As a leader in water filtration solutions, we also produce air filtration components that are components for ventilators, and we have ramped up production to help meet the increased demand for ventilators.


For more than 35 years, Pentair has engineered and supplied air filtration components for some of the world’s leading manufacturers of medical devices. And now, with the pressing need for much larger numbers of ventilators for hospitalized patients, Pentair is responding.

To meet customers’ needs, the Pentair team is increasing our output of the required filtration components. From the supply team to production, to quality, to engineering and customer service, our team has come together to respond to this crisis and living our Win-Right values.

Industry Leading Technology
Pentair’s filtration components are designed to help filter out bacteria and viruses in ventilators and other devices. The filtration components help both the patients and hospital staff with a two-way filtration system -- hospital air is filtered on the breath in, ensuring filtered air for the patient; and then also filtered when a patient breathes out, ensuring filtered air for the healthcare workers. This critical equipment is manufactured in accordance with Food and Drug Administration (FDA) requirements, and each filter is tested to help ensure the highest quality in the industry.

As we continue to navigate these circumstances, we are proud to be expanding Pentair’s role in fighting COVID-19. We will get through these challenging times together. Stay safe, healthy, and positive.

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